Meccalte ETC 13

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Meccalte tractor-driven generators are designed, engineered and built to provide instant emergency power in the event of a power failure. They are the largest builders of small generators in Europe. They have factories in Italy, France and the UK.

A Meccalte generator is continuously rated to work in a tough environment. It has a robust, quiet and cool-running gearbox that converts the 540 rpm from a tractor PTO to the speed of the alternator which is the heart of the system. The ETC generators are controlled by Compound Transformers, giving a 400% overload capacity for motor starting and voltage regulation of + or – 4% (better than the Mains!)


  • Heavy Duty, continuously rated industrial alternator
  • Oil bath PTO gearbox with Shaft Guard
  • Control Box, fitted 30ma Differential Switch, Double Pole Overload Circuit Breakers, Amp, Volt and Hertz (frequency) Meters, Outlet Sockets to BS 4343
  • Fitted on robust carrying frame supplied with Declaration of Conformity to EEC standards
  • Two year warranty

Other sizes available
Price + VAT – Highlands & Islands and Ireland subject to additional delivery charge